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U_P partner of the IIPDW

Today we would like to inform you about a collaboration with IIPDW.

What is IIPDW?

IIPDW is an international institute for support in the withdrawal of psychiatric drugs.

IIPDW is composed of people who have used psychiatric care, but also professionals and university professors from different countries.

Pour visiter leur site c'est ici !

The aims of IIPDW are

  • To support research and practical knowledge that will facilitate the safe reduction and withdrawal of psychiatric drugs.
  • To contribute to evidence-based practices for the reduction and withdrawal of psychiatric drugs, and facilitate their inclusion in general practice guidelines.
  • Support the human right to informed choice regarding psychiatric medication.
  • Promote practices that help families, friends and practitioners to support safe reduction and withdrawal from psychiatric medications, and take into account the relational and social aspects essential to this process.

Publié le Samedi 02 juillet 2022
Modifié le Samedi 02 juillet 2022